“Town Hall Takeover”

Town Hall Takeover_widescreen.jpeg

In a change of plans - this Saturday's Weavers Market will now take over Trowbridge Town Hall - bringing you ALL the great indoor stalls we had planned originally PLUS as many of our "outdoor" traders as we can squeeze inside - INCLUDING our fabulous music line-up! Due to safety concerns from high winds there will be no outdoor trading. Please see our short FAQ below for details.

It's not quite what we planned but we think you'll still have a great time. We've made LOTS of extra space inside - so come along and explore the whole building with us!

Why are you doing this? Safety reasons, for you and our traders. Gazebos and high winds don't mix and the forecast is pretty conclusive (and highly unusual for the time of year).

Why not make the decision earlier? It's been a tough call. Although the forecast had been in place for a few days, Sunday's forecast was calm - meaning a slight change of timing would have allowed us to run as planned. This was still quite possible until today.

Will there be stalls in Fore Street? Not this Saturday, due to safety reasons. We'll be back to normal for September's date.

Will there be street food in Market Street? Not this Saturday. Although some of our food traders trade from vehicles which would be safe in high winds we decided it was not right to close the road just for this.

Will Market Street be closed to traffic? No. On Saturday it will be open as normal with no diversions. We'll be back to our usual set-up in September.

Will this just be the normal indoor section of market? No, it's much more - as well as our planned indoor traders, many of our "outdoor" traders will be joining us inside along with our musicians. We are filling every available space in this great community building (and big thanks to Town Hall Arts for making that happen). We'd love to bring you our planned market but this is now a chance to explore our stalls AND one of the Town's real treasures.

Will future markets be inside only? No. We choose to run in the summer as our markets are designed to use a mixture of indoor and outdoor space. The forecast for Saturday is highly unusual - and wind and gazebos don't mix.

Are you gutted? Yes and no. We'd love to bring you our planned market but we always had this in mind as a great "plan B". It's also a great excuse for everyone to use and explore one of the Town's real treasures.

What can I do to help? GREAT question! First off - spread the word. Come along, explore the town hall and support our traders (ideally with your money)! Volunteer to be help steward at future markets. Join the team to help us keep running these events.

Thank you,

The Trowbridge Weavers Market team